I’m a little nervous about my appointment….

1. Start with a small group of people! Your mother and maid of honor is our suggestion. Too many opinions confuse you and can steer you in the wrong direction. I have seen brides walk away in tears when they love a dress but two bridesmaids didn’t and told her EXACTLY how they felt about it. Remember, this is YOUR dress. Not theirs. Everyone has a different style and look they want to achieve. Don’t let that keep you from your dream dress. 2. If possible, have inspiration pictures available to show your stylist. Help her understand the “feel” of the wedding. Rustic? Boho? Elegant? 3. You will probably change your mind! You came in thinking, I want a ball gown FOR SURE! You may end up in a mermaid. You thought you wanted sleeves for a June wedding? We might talk you out of it because you’ll sweat your hiney off. 4. You don’t have a clue what you want or what your vision is? Hey, you have to start somewhere and sometimes the dress sets the tone for the wedding. We have your back! 5. We suggest but, of course, know that this can’t always happen. Try to get your venue and your gown figured out first. All the other details will fall into place after these two important choices are made. 6. HAVE FUN! Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience and when you say YES! We’ll have a champagne toast.
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